Thursday, February 11, 2010

Global warming in Shreveport, louisiana

Everyone is so excited we have snow. I am sure those in the Northern or eastern sections of the U.S. do not understand us. They announced at noon that we will not have school tomorrow most of the government offices will be closed all for about 2 inches of snow. But you must understand most of the kids under ten or eleven have never seen snow on the ground. It is still coming down and has since about 6 this morning but then the temp went up to 33 so some of it has started to melt, so the shame of it to go from the pretty white stuff to ugly mud in just one day. Oh well it was pretty while it lasted so I am off the kitchen to make some soup for supper. Did not do any sewing today just stood at the windows and watched to wonder of it.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Brand new blog

This is my first post on my new blog. I thought everyone else is doing it and I love to read blogs. So here goes. But before I begin here it is to the Saints--WHO DAT

I am sure this will not thrill most but they are predicting SNOW. We had snow about three weeks ago but it fell during the wee hours of the night and was gone by 6 am except on the tops of some branches. Thursday and Friday are the days to watch, so everyone is glued to the television waiting for the news to see if they have changed their minds. Just like those 50 per cent wrong people will have anything to say about whether or not we get snow.

Now that snow days are out of the way the real purpose of the blog is to show you new fabric that I have and not made up as well as some new designs that I have for my web site. To go to my site you can click here Some of the clothes that I make are special orders that do not get on the web site but thought you might like to see them. Here are some that I made for birthdays